Development and Social Justice

The huge potential of Mozambique’s extractive sector has attracted many large multinational companies and stimulated infrastructure projects. Now the country faces the mammoth task to develop a national framework that allows an inclusive, sustainable and just economic development. Only if the local workforce profits by job creation and qualification, and economic gains are channelled into public policies that serve the majority of the people, the exploitation of natural resources leads to prosperity for the entire population.

In this context, FES Mozambique promotes continuous debate between decision makers, academics, and activists to develop ideas for a socially just and sustainable economic development. Trade unions are crucial in these debates to secure workers’ rights and guarantee inclusive economical activities. 



19.10.2023 | Evento, News, Event, Notícias
Integração do Género no Movimento Sindical

A realidade social e no campo das relações de trabalho é experimentada de forma diferenciada por mulheres e homens. Neste sentido, identificar as…


10.10.2023 | News, Notícias
Photo : A Quem Confiar no Meu Município

Durante o período de 12 de Agosto a 12 de Setembro de 2023, cerca de 1 000 jovens das 11 capitais de provinciais de Moçambique participaram em debates…



African perspectives on preventing and countering violent extremism

African perspectives on preventing and countering violent extremism

Maputo, 2023

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Feminist foreign and development policies

Uwamariya, Olive

Feminist foreign and development policies

A reflection from a Rwandan feminist
Maputo, 2023

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